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From way out west in Gloucestershire Charlie Cooper and Will Jones met at school in Cirencester and played for the same local football team. They shared the same passion for music and it was no surprise when they eventually got together and began to write songs. They later recruited drummer Joe Arthur (his name was soon changed to Joe Drummer by his band mates) after a chance meeting in a local pub where his was instantly hired on the basis of being a ‘good bloke’ and owning his own drum kit before they even heard him play. Efforts then went towards agreeing on a band name and after endless suggestions of things that happened to be in the room they agreed on ‘the playmakers’.

They began the summer of 2011 on getting some songs together and retreated back to the garage where they wrote and played relentlessly. The dedication of practising paid off with a superb debut gig at the Fleece in Bristol on Sunday 31st July. They have since played at various venues in London and the southwest as well as a gig at the prestigious Cavern Club in Liverpool. They already have a sound of their own – It is back to basics, stripped down, lo-fi with the songs being able to breath and speak for themselves. Charlie’s chord based driving guitar sound works together with Joe’s inspired drumming, which is tight and carry’s the songs with colour and variation that lifts the rhythm.

It is Will Jones’s bass that plays the melodic part, taking on a totally different twist to the standard guitar, bass and drums approach and lending itself completely to their own sound and songs. Charlie’s voice is distinct and different and the sum of all these parts make’s them very special and unique in today’s music landscape.

REVIEW The Playmakers EP

The Playmakers (self-released CDR )

Formed in the summer of last year, this Cirencester trio look to be an exciting prospect. “The Boys From Up The Hill” and “She’s A Mystery” reveal sharp pop sensibilities, with the overall sound echoing traces of Three Imaginary Boys-era Cure and Franz Ferdinand, underpinned by bass lines paying homage to the great Peter Hook. Immaculately structured, immediately accessible, and definitely a band to keep your eyes on.

Lee McFadden 22/01/12


It is always great to hear new bands with brand new material, it reminds me of the late ’70s and early ’80s when the cost of a ‘premium recording’ 8 track precluded most of us, so we hit the record button on a cassette player in the practice studio and hey ho a demo, which was sent off with absolute belief to clubs and pubs and you know what, that was the world and strangely enough that is still the world. It doesn’t matter if you use some massive multi-layer system if the music is rubbish it only sounds like glossy rubbish, where as a rough cut has far more integrity and if you have something it will come through, so we get to The Playmakers, this doesn’t ever need hours and hours of remixing, it comes arching out of the speakers and demands respect.

While I don’t have the magnetic pull of John Peel, I am still in the fortunate position of receiving well over 50 introductions a day, which means I can sink in moss, I can also sometimes just want to shout Eureka and here we are. This is joyful, simple and honest.

To my simple ears the out-put from these guys contains every essential element of a decent band. Superb inter-play, the necessary beat to keep the head alive, sincerity and integrity.

The more I listen, the more I slip back in time, thank you The Playmakers for making today a special day.

Tim Whale - Indie Bands Blog

Review - She’s a Mystery

The Playmakers ‘She’s a Mystery’ (self released). Been a fair old while since we delved into my space (there will be an extended MySpace feature booked for a near future missive) and on this occasion for good reason because this little cutie has we must admit caught us on the blind side and through repeat plays has grown on us to the point that we’re totally smitten with it. The playmakers hail from Cirencester and ‘she’s mystery’ is I’m assuming the first recorded fruits of what promises to be a band worth keeping an eye out for because once over the faux ‘love will tear us apart’ intro strum this shyly toned gem soon shapes up to sound as though its fallen from a late 80’s Peel play list given its drizzled in a bitter sweet over-casting to which admirers of the kind of lo-fi lovelorn twee thrilled tender pop put out by the likes of the Hoverchairs, Hey Paulette, the Siddeleys and latterly by Decoration will swoon and curl up to. More please and quick about it.........from the typing presses of......Mark Barton

Losing Today

Review - The Playmakers

The Playmakers are a three piece band from Cirencester in Gloucestershire. Newly formed and young - they are playing locally, Cheltenham, Swindon, Bristol and have some gigs in London - The Hope & Anchor, Camden Rock and The Brixton Jamm.

They claim to be more like the post punk/new wave scene than the present indie scene and their influences are many and include The Clash, Dr Feelgood, The Jam, Libertines, Joy Division.

They love British comedy - Steptoe & Son, Dad's Army and even do a version of the 'Only Fools and Horses' theme tune. Basically they are three down to earth lads who want to go back to basics musically.

Listen to some of their music below and watch a video of their first ever live gig. I think you'll agree there's much naivety about their music which is very rough around the edges and yet there's something compelling and addictive about their sound. I hope they stick at it, working the circuit and building up a following as I've a feeling that they've got the attitude and determination to be very successful.

My Dad Rocks

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