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Welcome to the official website of The Playmakers.

Formed in the summer of 2011 'The Playmakers' played their first gig at the Fleece in Bristol on 31st July. The band received rave reviews from the music press for their first two demos and have quickly built up a reputation with a string of impressive live performances in the South West, London and a sprinkling of gigs around the rest of the country.

Anyone wishing to contact The Playmakers can do so via email: or phone 07875 283093

"To my simple ears the out-put from these guys contains every essential element of a decent band. Superb inter-play, the necessary beat to keep the head alive, sincerity and integrity."                                                                                                

Tim Whale - Indie Bands Blog

"Immaculately structured, immediately accessible, and definitely a band to keep your eyes on."                                      

Lee McFadden - Mudkiss

"This little cutie has we must admit caught us on the blind side and through repeat plays has grown on us to the point that we’re totally smitten with it."                                                                                                                                                        

Mark Barton - Losing Today

"There's something compelling and addictive about their sound. I've a feeling that they've got the attitude and determination to be very successful."

My Dad Rocks

"While I don’t have the magnetic pull of John Peel, I am still in the fortunate position of receiving well over 50 introductions a day, which means I can sink in moss, I can also sometimes just want to shout Eureka and here we are. This is joyful, simple and honest."

Tim Whale - Indie Bands Blog

The Playmakers are:-

Charlie Cooper - Guitar Vocals
Will Jones - Bass & Vocals
Joe Drummer - Drums

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