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Posted on Tuesday, 4 October 2011

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The band recorded two songs at Swindon college last week. Both firm live favourites, Modern Basics and the Boys from up the Hill.

Both can be found on the media section - music.

 Modern Basics

You wake up with a bloody nose

An aching head the smell of sick on your clothes

This baron land so bare and bleak

Though you try you never wanted to be

And Martha’s boy was on top of the pops

Its forecast for rain, have you got what I got

And armchair bingo and tea at five

And all the family’s fine, their all fine

And you can run run run boy run

Keeping running till your coughing up lungs

You think your tough but you’re living a dream

Well listen son you gotta be all you can be

Whatever possessed you whatever numbs the pain

You got yourself worked up in a right old state

With both hands down and eyes withdrawn

Sometimes you wish you wish you’d never been born

And Martha’s boy has got 2 more years

The weathers been nice and I wish you were here

And armchair bingo and teas at five

And all the family’s fine their just fine

I know you’re bound to

I see myself in you

Those sunken eyes of blue


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